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Our team of mobile app developers is creative and knowledgeable to accomplish your individual demands as well as your business needs. With advanced tools and technology our mobile apps developers are able to create highly customized mobile applications for consumer needs and enterprises. Our experience and past work are the showcase of our brilliance in mobile applications development.

At ISHIKA, we develop mobile apps that cater to the unique needs of your businesses and connect you with your potential clients. We offer end-to-end mobile apps development service across Android platform. We conform to the highest technical standards and emphasize on the GUI, usability and functionality of the apps we develop. Our flexible business model assists you in opting for the most viable development solution that meets your budget.

Our extensive knowledge and experience in the technical aspects is reflected in the apps we have developed. Besides, we are exploring possibilities of getting into apps development for other platforms as well.

So if you are looking to develop a progressive mobile app for your business, we have a team you can depend on. Call +91-98300 68765 now!

Our most recent portfolio / work:

Digital Signature Certificates from Ishika

Ishika is Licensed Registration Authority for issuance of  Digital Signature Certificates all over India.

Ishika Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified DSC Registration Company

ISHIKA being one of the leading IT company, can offer you personalized, timely and efficient services for obtaining your Digital Signature Certificates (DSC).

# Check out DSC Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

For more details and to obtain your Class 2 or 3 digital signature certificate (DSC) in India, please visit our DSC services website

New Look & Feel of COMPASS Website

New Look & Feel of COMPASS Website – Designed and maintained by

Ishika was co-sponsor of “Beyond Barriers” 2013 of St. Xavier’s College Allumni

“Beyond Barriers” 2013 : It was an superb concert by Sonu Nigam organized by St. Xavier’s Alumni Assos. Kolkata on 24th Jan 2013.

Ishika Technologies Private Limited is proud to be CO-SPONSOR of this lovely event.

Over 12,000 students, alumni/ae, professionals, businessmen, corporate executives, industrialists, etc attend this popular event.

Ishikatech Annual Picnic 2013

It was a bright and very cold 25th January 2013 but for us the Ishikates, the day bore a very special purpose as it was the Annual Picnic for Ishika Technologies. We started our Cruiser which was hired from the office and after halting at various pick up points and collecting our hot breakfast, we reached the picturesque picnic spot at Jagaddal named, “Baul Bitan”. It was a beautiful garden with various colourful flowers all around. Indeed a very well maintained garden with fountains,green-mowed lawns, canopies …altogether a very spectacular scenic beauty enhanced by the flora and fauna. After looking around we focused our energy on games like badminton and of course photo session! There was ‘Kabaddi’ which was a whole lot of fun for us and specially the acting session where topics were given by our M.D. Mr. Manoj Jain. We all enacted according to our capacities and churned out a lot of laughter through this hilarious event. Debuda and Sanjayda came out to be winners as the 2 drunkards! Finally it was lunch time. The food came in from a restaurant as an authentic Chinese lunch with chilly paneer, veg manchurian, veg fried rice, chilly chicken and sweets.In between also we had enough supply of fruits and other refreshments. Evenually by 5:30 p.m. we packed our bags and amidst the cold looming evening and all the enjoyments we started back for home. It was a wonderful day that we all spent together and will remain alive in our memories for long as well as through the excellent snaps that were taken on that day. Waiting eagerly for next year! Congratulations to all for making the Annual PIcnic 2013 a great success!


Ishika team member

Aparajita chakroborty

For more picnic pics, please click here-

Cloud Computing Services & Consulting by Ishika

Cloud Computing Services & Consulting – New Service by Ishika

Gain Flexibility, Reduce Your IT Footprint

Everyone today seems to be talking about cloud computing. In an effort to tap into the benefits of this new approach, companies are implementing technology that allows them to pool their computing resources and deliver them as needed across the enterprise.

But for some companies and law firms, the priority isn’t to reconfigure the IT infrastructure – it’s to streamline it by moving as many technology functions as possible outside the network. That’s why it’s critical to examine your current resources carefully, fine-tune your strategy, and fully research all the cloud computing options that are available to you. Elegrity’s cloud computing consulting services are here to help.

Cloud Computing is a better way to run your business. Instead of running your apps yourself, they run on a shared data center. When you use any app that runs in the cloud, you just log in, customize it, and start using it. That’s the power of cloud computing.

Finally, cloud apps don’t eat up your valuable IT resources, so your CFO will love it. This lets you focus on deploying more apps, new projects, and innovation

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Our Latest Website Development Project

Our Latest PHP, CMS, Flash Projects

Flash, CMS, PHP related work done for :

  • Today’s Economic Times Kolkata, City Edition – featured Ishika

    Today’s Economic Times Kolkata, City Edition – featured Ishika Technologies Private Limited

    Ishika Technologies Annual Day Celebration 2012

    It was one of the hot summer days of June, but the enthusiasm of all members of Ishika was held high as we were celebrating the 4th Anniversary of Ishika Technologies on the 1st of June 2012.The venue for lunch given to all members by our MD, Mr. Manoj Jain was, Space Circle. We reached there by 2 in the afternoon and headed for the restaurant for lunch. We had an elaborate lunch starting with delicious starters and soothing lime juice and then went on for the main course. We had fun cracking jokes over the table. A carefree mood prevailed everywhere, as we talked and laughed over the table. Like one small family we exchanged our views and both Sir and Madame with their two bright children administered the event like true hosts and heads of the family. We also gave farewell officially to one of our members and of course the camera kept on clicking every now and then. On the whole it was one of those pleasant moments which we cherish and wait for every year. With the hope of a glorious and flourished future for Ishika Technologies for years to come we wish the company all the success in the forthcoming years! Congratulations! Ways to Go!

    Our Recently Launched Website

    Our recently launched website

    Holi Wishes from Ishika Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

    Happy Birthday to our member – Debarati

    ISHIKA is CO-SPONSOR of Good Life Exhibition organised by Rotary Club of Central Calcutta

    ISHIKA is CO-SPONSOR of Good Life Exhibition organised by Rotary Club of Central Calcutta at Ice Skating Rink, Kolkata from 7th to 9th Feb 2012.

    The Good Life is a popular event of our club to raise funds for charities, especially for APNALAY – a home for the senior citizens. It consists of a variety of products on display for exhibition and sale and draws a large number of visitors during the 3 days.

    Ad as published in Telegraph – T2 -: 7th Feb 2012

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