Ishika Annual Winter Picnic 2011

Ishika Tech Annual Winter Picnic 2011 at Vedic Village, Kolkata on 7th Dec 2011


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7th December, a normal week day on the calender for all, turned out to be a very important day for the Ishikates as we were to celebrate our first picnic from office. Planning, pre-planning and over planning with a lot of enthusiasm and zeal all came to full execution from 8 o’clock in the morning when we gathered at the lake Town Footbridge.  Our picnic spot was the well known picturesque Vedic Village.

After the first bout of excitement in the Tata Sumo (with one of the transport used ) laughs and jokes, we finally reached the spot. The greenery all over accompanied by the serenity, enriched our vision and as a proof all can see the number of snaps we have taken, exhausting our shutter bugs spontaneously to the fullest! We had a complete bungalow to ourselves. We started with a heavy breakfast comprising of sandwiches, dhoklas, kachoris, sandesh and of course well packed stock of fruits like apples bananas oranges followed by creamy and steaming coffee. The well fed team then plunged into full on enjoyment with out door games. It was total fun where all the members participated while posing for umpteen number of times at intervals for the digi cams. When the sun was on with full strength, we all took shelter in the bungalow where the merry making followed with song and dance while a group started to prepare for the lunch. Self cooked food was on the agenda. So we had a healthy lunch of fresh salad, veg fried rice, paneer butter masala and finally hot gulab jamun. With a well spread kitchen the food cooked turned out to be really tasty and sumptuous.

The evening started with a complete walk through of Vedic Village visiting the club area. The cool breeze and well settled paths gifted us a pleasant evening walk helping to digest the heavy lunch at the same time! Finally, the evening ended with a campfire arranged specially for us. In the dark and cool of the falling dusk , comfort of the camp fire’s warmth, it was clear that we were coming to the end of our most awaited event, the winter picnic.

Nevertheless as we know “Alls well that ends well”, the day ended with some surprise gifts, hot coffee, rich date-walnut cakes and of course the memorable memories of all the members who enjoyed together like one happy family, succeeding our outing with flying colours. But we will all eagerly wait for again another year to experience something equally exciting and relive and rekindle our enthusiasm watching the wonderful photographs, a complete treasure for our memories.

Long live Ishika Technologies.

- Report by Aparajita


Dishank Tiwari  on December 16th, 2011

It was a great day out in vedic village.
We enjoyed a lot..we played lots of games like cricket and many the evening we prepared a bonfire….and played antakshari at that time..the day was full of fun…

admin  on December 16th, 2011

Our picnic at Vedic Village was a great success as we planned.The food and the Location was great but the best part was that we all the members of Ishika we together for an outing that ended well..Looking forward for the same with more enthusiasm and excitement in the years to come…

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