Ishika Technologies Annual Day Celebration 2012

It was one of the hot summer days of June, but the enthusiasm of all members of Ishika was held high as we were celebrating the 4th Anniversary of Ishika Technologies on the 1st of June 2012.The venue for lunch given to all members by our MD, Mr. Manoj Jain was, Space Circle. We reached there by 2 in the afternoon and headed for the restaurant for lunch. We had an elaborate lunch starting with delicious starters and soothing lime juice and then went on for the main course. We had fun cracking jokes over the table. A carefree mood prevailed everywhere, as we talked and laughed over the table. Like one small family we exchanged our views and both Sir and Madame with their two bright children administered the event like true hosts and heads of the family. We also gave farewell officially to one of our members and of course the camera kept on clicking every now and then. On the whole it was one of those pleasant moments which we cherish and wait for every year. With the hope of a glorious and flourished future for Ishika Technologies for years to come we wish the company all the success in the forthcoming years! Congratulations! Ways to Go!

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